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Customer segmentation

There are different ways to segment your accounts. The simplest way is to segment them by size, volume, profitability, etc...but this is not of much help for your salesteam as this is not triggering different behavior to serve the customer.

One way to solve this is to segment your customer portfolio based on their behavior and the level of involvement to your company. You can score your portfolio based on different criterias as below:

- Adoption to innovation (early stage)

- Dynamism of the business activity the customer is in,

- Cultural proximity - Same vision sharing

- Intimicy

- Cross-selling possibilities,

- Transaction type: outsales, consultancy, projects ?

- Critical partner for the future of our company,

- Acquisition phase, fidelity, growth or repositioning

The highest score would mean the highest interest for your company to spend energy on those accounts and focus your best salesteam to develop them.

Bluementoring can support you in this segmentation process...

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